Best Practices

selected and already working practical examples

In this section practical examples from the subject area “District Heating” and "Short Rotation Coppices" will be presented. These already functioning supply chains offer the possibility to establish contact with experienced partners and to guarantee a direct experience exchange:


→ Clean District Heating in Jindřichův Hradec

→ Implementation of Biomass-coal Co-firing System in Hodonin


BIO-HEAT Success stories


  1.  DH Plant in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem (Czech Republic)
  2. The modernization of the heating system in DH palnt in Polsk (Poland)
  3. The agreement between CHP and the farmer to supply biomass - the best practice to use biomass for heat production in DH plant Zeran  (PGNiG TERMIKA) (Poland)
  4. One of the most powerful heating plant - Zvolen CHP Inc. with co-firing brown coal and wood chips in Eastern and Central Europe launched in Zvolen (Slovakia)
  5. Woody biomass based heating plant as the demonstration of an alternative energy supply system at University in Zvolen (Slovakia)
  6. Biggest heating plants using biomass, DH in Plzeň (Czech Republic)
  7. Holzindustrie Schweighofer - Romanian cogeneration power plant in Radauti (Romania)
  8. BIO-HEAT D3.1 Summary 08 ROBIO-HEAT D3.1 Summary 08 ROBIO-HEAT D3.1 Summary 08 ROSawdust heating plant – Gheorgheni (Romania)
  9. The company Eneco Ltd. engaged in the cultivation, harvesting and selling willow to DH plant (Poland)
  10. New co-fired CHP plant commissioned in Czestochowa (Poland)
  11. One of the most powerful biofuel boilers in Eastern and Central Europe launched in Vilnius (Lithuania)
  12. New biofuel boiler house in Radviliškis (Lithuania)


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